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>Jewel Knights Crusaders (ADULT ONLY)


This is a Japanese hentai-bishouji (adults only) game. Ginji is a wandering warrior who meets a bevy of beautiful adventuresses. He joins them as its newest member and accompanies them on their travels.


>Private nurse (visual novel)


                  You are a high school student named Hiroki. You’ve been plagued by an inexplicable illness for years, and even doctors are not certain as to how you can get well. One day, a cheery private nurse named Maria arrives on your doorstep. She says she’s going to take care of you for one month. What’s more, she’s very confident that you will get well. But just who is Maria? Is she really the private nurse your mother hired? Or is she something that’s other than human…? 
note: don’t download this file if you are not an adult because this is for adult only

>Animamundi: Dark Alchemist (feel the romance)


                           Many years have passed since Count Georik Zaberisk, once famed as the brilliant Royal Physician of the King of Hardland, relinquished his title and moved to the country to care for his frail sister, Lillith. His life since that time has been that of a normal aristocrat, with little out of the ordinary befalling him. So when one day the King offers Georik a new position as doctor in the capital, he jumps at the chance. However, while he is away from his manor, things take a horrifying turn for his sister when the villagers suspect her of witchcraft and as a result behead her and burn her body. Devastated by the death of his sister, Georik is grief-stricken until he realizes with shock that Lillith’s severed head is still alive. Knowing that she cannot live like this forever, Georik tries to restore Lillith’s body by transplanting the head from one body to the next, but despite his medical genius, he cannot make her whole again. In the depths of desperation, he stumbles across the secrets of alchemy, secrets long ago forbidden. Seeing no other way to save his sister, Georik has no choice but to start his journey down this dark and dangerous path…

 i can’t send any screenshot because this game is very rare……