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Mafia 2 ( Kill all your enemies)

The game is set in the 1940-50s era of Empire Bay, a fictional city based on New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit.There are 30-40 vehicles in the game (45 with DLC) as well as licensed music from the era.

Many firearms from the previous return, such as the Thompson submachine gun and Colt 1911, as well as a pump-action shotgun (though it was changed from a Winchester Model 12 to a Remington 870). New WWII-era weapons like the MP 40, the M3 submachine gun, the MG 42 and the Beretta Model 38 also appear in the game.
Interacting with objects in the environment involves two action buttons- a standard action and a “violent” action (for example, when stealing a car, the player may choose to either pick its lock or break the window glass), used in context-sensitive situations. A map is included as in the original Mafia game. The checkpoint system has been completely overhauled. New controls include a cover system that allows the player to hide behind objects (such as generators, walls and large crates) to shoot enemies, rather than just using a crouch while behind an object.
It has been stated by 2K Czech that the game’s cutscenes are created by the game engine, in real-time, rather than pre-rendered cutscenes. For example if the player is riding in a car and a cut scene starts, the player will be driving the same car and if the car is damaged, that will appear in the cut scene.
The game has three different in game radio stations, Empire Central Radio, Empire Classic Radio and Delta Radio, with licensed music, news, and commercials. The radio stations includes music from different genres including rock and roll, big band, rhythm and blues, doo-wop, among others with licensed songs by Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers, Dean Martin, Little Richard, Muddy Waters, Buddy Holly & The Crickets, Bing Crosby, Bill Haley & His Comets, The Chordettes, Bo Diddley, Rick Nelson, Eddie Cochran, The Champs, The Drifters, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, The Andrews Sisters, among others.


Minimum System Requirements for PC Game – Mafia II
* OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2 Ghz / AMD Athlon X2 @ 2.4 Ghz
* RAM: 2 GB
* HDD: 16 GB free disk space
* Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Memory
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
* DirectX: Version 9.0c

Recommended System Requirements for PC Game – Mafia II
* OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.5 Ghz / AMD Phenom X3 @ 2.5 Ghz
* RAM: 3 GB
* HDD: 20 GB free disk space
* Graphics: 1 GB Graphics Memory
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
* DirectX: 10 

Full Version( ~ 5.5GB )




Black Hawk Down( Be the american soldier)

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is a first-person shooter video-game set during the United Nations intervention in the Somali Civil War , with missions taking place primarily in the Jubba Valley and the Somali Capital, Mogadishu.

The game was developed by NovaLogic and was released on Microsoft Windows on March 24, 2003, on Mac OS X on June 21, 2004, on the PlayStation 2 on July 27, 2005 and on the Xbox on September 8, 2006. It is the 6th game of the Delta Force series.


>THE LEGEND OF HEROES 3 (be the legend)


The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean, known as Eiyū Densetsu V Umi no Oriuta (英雄伝説V 海の檻歌 Eiyū Densetsu Faibu Umi no Oriuta?, lit. “The Legend of Heroes V: A Cagesong of the Ocean”) in Japan is a computer role-playing game originally developed by Nihon Falcom Corporation. It is the fifth game in The Legend of Heroes series, and the third and final title in the “Gagharv Trilogy.” It was originally released for Microsoft Windows in 1999 and was remade for PlayStation Portable in 2006.


>Big Bang Beat (for anime lover )


There are several key gameplay Mechanics unique to Big Bang Beat
P-Gauge: The P-Gauge is placed directly under the Health Bar, and monitors usage of special moves. Whenever a special move (or, in versions after 1.01, the strong attack) is used, this meter depletes. If a move would consume an amount of power that is greater than what is available, it cannot be performed. This meter automatically fills, or can be filled faster by using the game’s “Charge” feature, which leaves the player vulnerable to attack. As the player loses health, the P-Gauge can “fill in” the empty parts of the Health Bar, thus allowing the player to use more specials if his/her life is low.
Attack Power Correction Value: Represented by a number near the center of the screen. When the P-Gauge is full, by holding the “Charge” button and rapidly pushing the directional buttons, the player can sacrifice health for increased damage from all of his/her character’s attacks. The maximum value places attacks at 199% power and leaves the character with 1 health point.
B-Power Gauge: The game’s “Super Bar.” This bar is filled either by attacking the opponent or by picking up stones dropped by attacked opponents, known as “B Stones.” When the number on the bar (called the “B-Power Stock”) is 100 or higher, the player can execute one of several techniques that depend on this gauge:

  • B Power Arts: The term for this game’s “Super Moves.” All B Power Arts cost 1 stock.
  • B Dash: An advanced version of the character’s Dash. It is much faster, and has the ability to cancel any move type, allowing for more combo opportunities. Costs 1 stock.
  • B Counter: Activated by pushing the “B” button while blocking an opponent’s attack. Allows the user to ignore block stun, and follow up with a counterattack. Costs 1 stock
  • B Escape: Allows the player to escape being attacked. This drains a significant amount of power compared to the other movements above. Costs 4 stocks.
  • Air Dash (1.01 only): In the first release, air dashing removed a small amount of B-Power. Every version thereafter borrows from the P-Gauge instead.
  • Big Bang Break (1.02 on): A powerful move that can only be performed in character unique situations, usually by canceling a specific B Power Art with a special command. Costs two stocks.

An interesting note in this Gauge’s history is that the first release had 9 levels of power, while every version after this only featured 5.
Enhance: Basically the equivalent of a taunt. Any character can use an enhance three times per fight at maximum, except for Heita who can use it six times. The effects of the enhance vary wildly from character to character, and can be as minuscule as damage tweaks to a single move (Ren) or transformation into a new character (Heita).

Game Screenshot :

>Vigilante 8 (2nd offense)


The story of Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense centers on the international meddlings of an oil conglomerate from the future known as OMAR (Oil Monopoly Alliance Regime).
After finding an electronic armband in a service station bathroom, former Vigilante Slick Clyde rose to be controlled by OMAR. Working up through the ranks of command he soon came to be the CEO of OMAR itself and made a complete monopoly on all oil trades with the sole exception of the United States.
With the help of his student and hitman, Obake, he steals the technology to allow him to travel through time. Taking with him Obake and his cybernetic assassin, Dallas 13, he makes the jump back to 1970s to cripple the United States and bring OMAR to total domination.

Appearing in 1970s, the three vehicles encounter Convoy, the former leader of the Vigilantes. Upon seeing him, the three cars open fire.


>Burn (iso )


Burn is a first-person shooter computer game released in 2007 developed by Destan Entertainment and produced by Teyon.
The player can choose between 13 arenas and 5 characters and fight in single-player and multi-player mode. The game provides two special modes: deathmatch, where the winner is the one who has collected given number of frags, and burn, where the winner is the one who has survived the competition. Each fight can be made with special modifiers like low gravity, weapon power up, timed competition, or sudden death.
League, the main single-player game mode, allows the players to fight on the arenas, gather points and eventually fight with a boss named Dark.
The maps in Burn contain a many bonuses and environment vulnerable to destruction. There are 7 different weapons available in the game, each with an alternative fire mode.

 Game Screenshot:

>Sid Meier’s Pirates! (explore the world)


Sid Meier’s Pirates! is a computer game created by Sid Meier and published and developed by MicroProse in 1987. It was the first game to include the name “Sid Meier” in its title as an effort by MicroProse to attract fans of Meier’s earlier games, most of which were flight simulators. The game is a simulation of the life of a pirate (more accurately, a privateer) in the Spanish Main in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.
The game was widely ported from the original Commodore 64 version. It was ported to the Apple II (1987), as a PC booter (1987), Apple IIGS (1988), Macintosh (1988), Amstrad CPC (1988), Atari ST (1989), Amiga (1990), and the Nintendo Entertainment System (1991).
The computer versions featured a copy protection scheme requiring the player to confirm the timing of the Treasure Fleet or Silver Train by referring to the game manual.


>G-Force (ps3 game converted to pc game)


The game based on the movie, which takes place after the team escapes from the pet store, Juarez and Blaster’s new home, and Kip and other FBI agents, gives players the ability to play as Darwin and Mooch to fight against Leonard Saber, the evil billionaire and his robot “household appliances” army.
The PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 versions feature a anaglyph-based stereoscopic 3-D mode, and will be packaged with two sets of 3-D glasses.



>Magical Battle Arena ( dueling game)


       Magical Battle Arena (マジカルバトルアリーナ/MBA) is a 3D Aerial Platform Fighting Game consisting of many characters from different anime created by Fly-System. It introduces the fighting as the way of Gundam games, except the fact that the characters come from the anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Card Captor Sakura, Slayers, Magic Circle Guru Guru, the eroge Visual Novel Magical Girl Kirara and Sarara, and the original characters, Lulu Gelad and Nowel Diastasis who are created in Magical Battle Arena. This is the first official game created by Fly-System, and has a total of 16 characters available for gameplay. The new characters released in the Lyrical Pack (Update to 1.50 from 1.05): Vita, Yagami Hayate, Takamachi Nanoha StS, Lord of Nightmares, and Kita Kita Oyaji (Lord of Nightmares and Kita Kita Oyaji available after Ver 1.53+) are not available in story mode, however they are available in Survival. Magical Battle Arena offers not only Story Mode, Survival, and the Network Play up to 4 people, it also has Mission Mode, where specific requirements are needed in order to succeed in the mission, given the grade S, A, B, and C of how well you did. Anything lower than a C is a failure of the mission. Demo was released in Comiket 73. This game began to sell in Japan-only, Comiket 74. Its expansion, Lyrical Pack, was released in Comiket 75.



>Death to spies The Moment of Truth (feel the rusian’s war )


                  The game’s main character is Semion Strogov, who is a captain in the 4th department of the Soviet counterintelligence service called SMERSH. SMERSH in Russian literally means ‘Death to Spies’, which was the name for a set of counterintelligence departments in the Soviet Army formed during World War II. Semion Strogov is back from his previous missions and must now participate in a series of even more complicated and exciting covert operations under the code name “Death to Spies: Moment of Truth”. The hero possesses all the skills required to accomplish dangerous missions including getting information about the disposition of hostile military and civil units, and assassination of enemy agents and representatives of the Wehrmacht’s high-ranking officers and espionage. After having undergone some serious retraining Semion Strogov will have to accomplish various top secret missions. His task is to capture spies, saboteurs and gather information about their actions using unique technologies and devices. The character’s forté is being able to carry out the operations with maximum stealth, using various techniques which include but are not limited to: picking locks, stunning or using chloroform on enemies, throwing knives, garroting, booby traps: setting traps on dead bodies, doors, etc.