Harvest Moon : A Wonderful Life Special Edition For PC (NRG FILE)

The player starts the game with one cow, and can later acquire additional, higher-quality cattle as well as male sheep, male and female chickens, and a male horse. The cow will stop producing milk after 40 days and you will have to impregnate her for her to continue making milk. In addition to these traditional Harvest Moon animals, this is also the first game in the series to feature ducks and a goat. The ducks appear not to incubate eggs of their own, but after acquiring ducks, some of the eggs the player harvests from chickens will hatch as ducklings. It’s notable that no fertile eggs are produced in the absence of a male chicken, despite the presence of female ducks. The goat produces milk for one year; after that, however, she stops producing milk. The goat can be sold on ps2 version for 1000G.

The player also starts the game with a dog, and has the choice of floppy or pointed ears. Later in the game, the player may receive a cat from Romana. Also seen in the wilderness are a raccoon, a lizard, and a turtle, as well as a chihuahua that appears to be a pet at the dig site. You can be given this chihuahua later in the game by Carter.
Also notable is the Mukumuku, who resembles an abominable snowman. Mukumuku can only be seen during Winter near the tree in which the Harvest Sprites live, and the surrounding area commonly referred to as “the forest.”


2.Extract with ZIP or WINRAR
3.Play the game with Ps2 emulator (PCSX2)
4.Enjoy the game

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